We are litigation lawyers. Thomson Dunkel handles Injury, Employment, Construction Defect, and Commercial claims. Our lawyers stand ready to work hard for you. We are the People Lawyers with a focus on achieving high results for our clients.

Why are we different?

Often times we are asked why we are different. We are different because we are the proverbial insurance lawyers. We work hand-in-hand with a few select insurance companies to vigorously defend people and companies who have been accused of causing others harm.

We work with insurance companies who’s corporate philosophy matches ours. We are people – and we expect the carriers that we work with to be people too and to treat other people like people. And it may surprise you, but a few insurance companies are based upon solid, honorable principles.

You see insurance was meant to act as a balancing act. If you do something that causes harm to another person – you have insurance so that the person you caused harm to doesn’t sue you! Further the person who was hurt gets taken care of. You see insurance wasn’t just meant to protect the person that you caused injury too – but it was also meant to protect you! It is a “liability tool” that protects you from financial hardship the result of your own actions.

However, there are some carriers out there that have harmful corporate polices as to people who have been hurt by others – without ever even looking at the harm their insured caused. Corporate policies that denigrate people and belittle the harms others have suffered when they are liable in favor of policies that encourage corporate profits are not the type of carriers we work with. We work vigorously against those carriers.

So you may ask – if Thomson Dunkel lawyers are the insurance lawyers – why would I want to hire them?

  • We know the insurance world – we know it well
  • We have cultivated strong relationships with adjusters – we know what arguments the adjuster will listen to
  • We know the claims process through inception to litigation to trial on the merits
  • We seek creative options to get the best results for our clients
  • We are selective in the carriers that we do work with
  • We have the knowledge and skill to develop your claim aggressively

So why are we different?

What is explained above – you will unlikely hear from many other law firms. We look at our clients from the whole. We do not just look at the money value of your case. We work with you, as a whole person to try and get the best result that the legal system can provide you. That means – each case is handled differently because each person each injury is different. Because each client – will have different ultimate results.

Our experience speaks to what makes us different – we are not afraid of the courtroom and we do not use marketing gimmicks. We work to get results for our clients – period. We do work both sides of the aisle (for Plaintiff and defendants) but that gives us direct knowledge of how each side operates and functions.

We are People First

While we truly love being lawyers, we are people first. We take your life seriously and we seek to understand your situation and what you are facing.

We are a two attorney firm dedicated to assisting our clients. We leverage our past experience to work closely with our clients and collaborate with our clients to bring about favorable results.

While we may be smaller outfit – we are lean for a reason – our time and effort is dedicated to assisting you – our clients.

Together, we have over 20 years of experience working for insurance carriers and their insureds. Therefore, whether you have been injured and need a qualified attorney to assit you in recovering for your losses or you need principled defense attorneys to defend your interests – the attorneys at Thomson Dunkel stand ready to represent you.

While we may approach the application of the practice of law a little differently than others out there – our goals for each of our client is the same.

We want to see you continue to live life as best you can after the incident.

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Honor Perseverance dedication Creativity Humility compassion respect Diplomacy Preparation Human Approach to the Law

When we say that we are people first; it does not mean that we do not rigorously advocate for our clients. It simply means that we approach every client, and every client situation as unique.

Much like no two people are the same – no two legal issues are the same. We analyze your situation early and continuously and uniquely tailor your legal services. We mean it when we say you are not a number or a case file. This goes for our clients who have suffered physical and economic injury – but also to our small businesses, solo practitioners and private clients.


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