Panel Defense

First and foremost, we are proud to say we are a minority owned business with 50% ownership being held by Partner Ashely Thomson.  The other 50% is veteran owned. Even though we are a new firm, we have up to 25 years of combined experience representing companies as approved Insurance Defense Litigators on many different panels across the United States. Our representation includes defending municipalities regarding premises defect issues, business owners with personal injury and major 18-wheeler accidents, and significant litigation involving construction defect as general contractors and subcontractors.  We represent our clients in all litigation matters with an extremely high professional standard that can only be achieve by years of commitment, experience, and success.  The litigation record of our attorneys speaks for itself.

Defense Matters Handled:

  • Personal Injury Defense
  • Construction Defect Defense
  • Subrogation – prosecution and defense
  • EPLI – Employment Practices Liability Insurance Defense (Title VII)
  • Defense under General Liability Policies
  • Pre-Litigation Review and Analysis
  • Property Loss Claims
  • Inland Marine Defense

Ashley’s Experience

19-CV-0072: Rolando Rocha v. Tri County Wastewater Systems,; In the 212th Judicial District Court of Galveston County, Texas.

Representing Tri County Wastewater, successfully argued and secured dispositive motions for company client as to Plaintiff and intervenor’s claims arising out of a vehicle accident where the Court determined respondeat superior was not applicable where an employee is outside course and scope of employment, and that Tri County owed no duty to control off duty employee.

2018-26756; William Peterson,,, v. Vanguard Truck Center of Houston, LLC, Scot Allen Jones d/b/a Scoty’s Auto Repair,; In the 189th Judicial District Court of Harris County, Texas.

Representing Defendant Scoty’s Auto Body, successfully drafted and argued a dispositive motion for summary judgment whereby the Court found and determined that Scoty owed no duty as a matter of law as alleged by Plaintiffs. The Court further granted Scoty’s motion to strike Plaintiff’s expert – Peter J. Sullivan from opining as to the work or duties of Scoty. This case arose due to a death the result of an alleged dump truck malfunction.

CV0079654; Church Village, LLC v. Elizabeth Galicia; County Court at Law No. 2, Galveston County, Texas.

Ashley successfully argued on appeal from the Justice of the Peace court in Galveston County an eviction judgment in favor of Church Village, LLC.

CV0077741; Zsolt Petko v. Carelton Courtyard Apartments; in the County Court at Law No. 2, Galveston County, Texas.

Ashley successfully represented Carelton Courtyard apartments from Plaintiff challenging a rightful tow of a vehicle from the JP court, up on appeal to the county court. The court upheld the lawfulness of the tow, and Ashley successfully secured a judgment against the plaintiffs for the recovery of attorney’s fees for over $7,000.

2015-29414; Pamela Schmitt v. Robert Dennis McKelvey Jr. and DrillTech Inc., Harris County District Court, 281st

Ashley co-counseled with Charles P. Dunkel Jr. and successfully defended against plaintiff’s claims for injuries valuing over a million dollars due to a motor vehicle accident. In a jury trial, the jury found that Defendants were liable to the plaintiff for $12,000 and denied the plaintiff’s claims for any value over the $12,000.

Charles’ Experience

USA Explorer vs. Kuntz Concrete, Inc.

Represented the concrete contractor responsible for 15 acres of poured concrete.  Concrete failed and suit followed against the contractor.  Defense argued fault lied with the Plaintiff and foundation contractor.  This defense was made with an understanding that some fault would fall on the concrete contractor. Result, defense verdict.

Pamela Schmitt v. Drill Tech, Inc.

Successfully defendant against Plaintiff’s claims of injury resulting from an 18-wheeler accident. Plaintiff asked for over a million dollars.  Result, defense verdict with a jury award of $12,000.00.

Race Discrimination: Charles successful defended his client in a Title VII matter where the Plaintiff claimed to have been discriminated against due to his race.  The jury found that Plaintiff was treated the same as other individuals, including remaining employed during a mass layoff.  Defense verdict.

Sexual Harassment: Two employees, in a same-sex consensual relationship, sued claiming they were being harassed because of their life choice. They claimed the harassment included being assigned the most difficult task while other employees were not required to perform the same work but had the same employment role.  They argued they were eventually fired for complaining. The jury found that Plaintiffs would initiate conversations about their lifestyle than complain.  Additionally, the jury found that Plaintiffs performed duties specifically as described to them before accepting employment.  Most telling was that jury believed Plaintiffs resigned and were not terminated.  Defense verdict.

Worker Comp Retaliation:  Employee was injured and filed a Workers’ Comp claim. He was release to light duty, but no such work was available. The employee brought a Workers’ Comp Retaliation claim arguing his release was pretext, disguised discrimination, and asked for $800,000.00.  The jury found that the Defendant established no light duty was available and awarded $0.00. Defense verdict.