Construction Industry

The “Construction Industry” is a loaded term. It can mean anything from a small contractor repairing small pathway in someone’s backyard. To the expansion of a 1 Million square foot building. It could also include a plant or refinery add on or new construction.

As a result, much of the construction industry is based upon contracts, whether they be simple or highly complex. However, there are also laws and statutes that apply to parties who are involved in the construction process based upon the type or status of the construction project. This means there are laws that direct the process of how construction is carried out and what either the contractor (and its subcontractors) and the owner must do in the construction process.

While the construction industry is incredibly broad – the major types of construction project types can typically be broken down into the following large categories.

General Types of Construction Projects:

  1. Federal construction projects – Often referred to as Miller Act projects
  2. State and local government construction projects
  3. Private Commercial and Industrial construction Projects
  4. Private Residential projects – often governed by the RCLA or Residential Construction Liability Act in Texas

Both Charles and Ashley have assisted both contractors, sub contractors, and owners in the negotiation and review of construction contracts all the way through litigation of construction defects to a trial by jury.

The attorneys at Thomson Dunkel have worked with small contractors, trades, owners, homeowners and large general contractors in the assistance of the application of the law to the construction industry. The attorneys at Thomson Dunkel understand that the intersection of construction and the law can be tenuous. We try to work with our clients to find creative solutions to adapt to each situation. We do not just work for our clients – we work with our clients.

While the “construction industry” can be broad – each situation is independent or different. Each situation is different. Which means each situation likely has a different legal application. The attorneys at Thomson Dunkel are aware of the construction industry and how it applies to you. We work to find the best solution for your needs. We know you are running a business and you do not want to hear from lawyers. If you do need legal consultation – we work with you to find the best solution for you.

If you have questions about a contract, scope of services, or potential construction defects – give us a call to see if we can help.


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