Motor Vehicle Accidents

Texas road are awash with drivers. While the goal is to always drive safely – sometimes it does not happen. When you are the one that has been injured – call the car accident attorneys at Thomson Dunkel to see if we can help.

The minimum to legally drive in Texas you must have the following:

  1. Valid Drivers License
  2. Active Minimum State Required Insurance

However, as most of us know, the minimum doesn’t stop vehicle accidents and collisions from occurring.

Where you have suffered and injury the result of someone else’s negligence – you should not suffer alone.

Common Injury Causing Incidents:

Rear End Collision
Drunk Driver
Distracted Driving
Texting and Driving
Running Red Light
Loosing Control of Vehicle

Side Swipe
Head on Collision
Following too closely behind
Failure to yield right of way
Reckless driving
Impeding a Roadway
Unsafe Maneuvers

While your fellow drivers may not intend to cause injury while driving, if someone else causes your injury while driving, they may be liable to you to cover the costs and expenses you suffer the result of their negligence. Call the car accident attorneys at Thomson Dunkel.

We are only paid – if you recover for your losses. Learn more about our result based fee below.

What are things you can recover if you have been hurt the result of someone else?

  1. Medical Expenses
  2. Lost Wages
  3. Disfigurement or Deformity
  4. Pain and Suffering
  5. Lost Property Value

After a collision occurs however, you are not thinking about potential recovery or compensation. Your thoughts are on dealing with what has just occurred and ensuring that you or your loved one makes it through your current tribulation safely.

What do I do if I have just been involved in an Auto Accident:

1. Call Emergency Medical Services if Necessary

If you have been involved in an auto collision – call for help.

If you have dealt with fear of the police because of your race, nationality, gender identity, or any other reason, inform 911 of your fear and concern at the time of the initial call. Please do not hesitate to call 911 and seek assistance where necessary.

2. Do Not Admit Fault

This may be difficult. But after you have been involved in an accident or incident your mental state may be altered and your recollection of what actually happened may be fuzzy or blurry. You may not realize that you have suffered injuries.

3. Do Not Ignore Pain or Being Unwell After the Incident

If you have pain or a feeling of unease – do not ignore it. Get seen by a licensed medical doctor as soon as possible. Only a doctor can advise you whether your pain is minor or not.

4. Follow All Medical Directives

Ensure that you adhere to any recommendations of your treating physicians. If you have concerns regarding the treating protocols – consider finding a new doctor after any emergent treatment has been addressed.

Navigating how to deal with the repercussions of an auto accident can be tedious. There are potentially multiple insurance carriers you may be trying to deal with, as well as trying to rest and heal. Further, if you have suffered injuries that will last for the remainder of your life, or even for an extended period of time, you may find yourself wondering how to deal with the future. Who is responsible? How will you Manage life going forward? What recourse do you have, and against whom?

Our Attorneys take your life and the injuries you have suffered seriously.

At Thomson Dunkel – we know that if you have suffered injury or the loss of a loved one due to an auto accident – it changes your life and the life of your loved ones, your family and your children forever. We are attorneys, but we are people first.

We understand your fears and we know how to captain the unenviable journey of handling claims related to your injuries resulting from someone else’s actions. The lawyers of Thomson Dunkel worked on the defense side, defending parties who may have acted negligently to cause harm. We know both sides of the table and we stand ready to advocate for you and to ensure that you are adequately and appropriately compensated for your losses and injuries the result of someone else’s negligence.

Let us put our skill and knowledge to work for you. We are car accident attorneys.

Here at Thomson Dunkel, we have handled cases similar if not identical to some of the scenarios described above. We invite you to take a minute and share your experience with us. Let us know what you are going through. Maybe we can assist and help you through a potential rough ordeal. Believe us when you say that the other driver will not be alone. They will have well qualified attorneys advising them every step of the way. We used to be those attorneys. We know the advice and strategic moves drivers and their insurance companies and adjusters make. You should have the same thing, a skilled and qualified attorney at your side – working with you at every step of the way. Whether it is at Thomson Dunkel or another attorney, let a skilled attorney guide you through this process. Contact Thomson Dunkel and lets see if we can help.


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