Co-Counsel and Litigation Services

The attorneys at Thomson Dunkel have tried cases to a jury – period. In fact, we like to take cases to trial if that becomes necessary. We are always open to discussion co-counsel opportunities with other lawyers.

As such, we have opportunities to either co-counsel with other attorneys or law firms or to assist in the management and prosecution of cases.

We have over 20 years of combined experience working on the defense for insured by appointment to insurance defense panels. That includes working often with adjusters, insurance lawyers, and experts. We know the other side of the coin. Yes we are people – but we love working cases. We are easy going and work well within the team environment. However, when it comes times to work to apply the anvil – we execute our duties with diligence, grace and precision.

The attorneys at Thomson Dunkel understand the value of a well developed case both pre-litigation and into litigation. Our attorneys are ready to co-counsel with you at whatever the stage of litigation may be.

If you or your firm has a backlog of pre-litigation cases that need to go into litigation or would like to discuss either co-counseling or referrals for your litigation cases – give Thomson Dunkel a call to discuss how we may be able to help you or work with you to get the best outcome.


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