The Role of the Attorney – Your Advocate

Many people wonder if they should hire or retain an attorney. How soon after an incident they should seek the counsel of an attorney. Your attorney is your advocate.

Ultimately, the attorney’s job is to advocate for you. The the job of the attorney starts very early on after an incident has occurred. You should be diligently represented.

Your Advocate

We are tasked with reviewing the harms the harms that you have suffered with a practiced eye.

The Attorney should identify potential problems and pitfalls. They should counsel you regarding the law and how it applies to the facts of your case.

Much like snowflakes, each case is unique; because a “case” is about the people‘s problems. The operative word – people. Every person is different and so to is every case different.

When calamity strikes you or someone you love, your first instinct is not to begin collecting evidence. Your instinct is to rush into action and go into crisis management. As a result, hurried and rushed decisions under severe amounts of emotional strain or even suffering physical pain and anguish are made. Most likely, the last thing you want to do after the dust has settled is embark on the long journey of trying to handle a claim on your own.

Initial Attorney Time

An attorney will review what happened to you or your loved one and immediately begin investigating. We will then begin analyzing the important facts and steps forward. This often includes advising you to seek the appropriate medical care. Then initiating discussions with the other parties involved; including insurance companies, and working to develop a strong case in your favor.

The attorneys at Thomson Dunkel have over 20-years of combined experience working on the Defense.

We are keenly aware of the challenges you will face in attempting to recover just compensation for your injury or claim. The attorneys at Thomson Dunkel worked for many years representing the businesses who caused or contributed to injuries to others. We are incredibly familiar with the claims process to insurance companies because we worked hand in hand with carriers in the task of defending joint clients.

Therefore, if you feel you have been suffered injuries or harms the result of someone else, you should contact an attorney as soon as feasible after the incident has occurred. Every state has laws that limit the timeframe on which certain types of claims may be brought – often referred to as statute of limitations. As such, do not hesitate to reach out to inquire whether you have a viable claim or not.

Whether it is Thomson Dunkel or another qualified attorney – do not let your claim expire, contact an attorney soon to analyze your claim.


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