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TWC Audit – Tax

As an Employer/Company, have you found yourself in a Texas Workforce Commission Tax TWC Audit? 

A TWC Audit can be daunting. In other words, because an employer has categorized an employee as a contractor or 1099 – when in fact the employees is not.  As a result, Due to this mis-categorization, the employer (or you) failed to pay employee tax.  This can subject you to paying back taxes, fines, and other penalties. Ouch.

There are many misconceptions about whether an employee is or is not an employee. This includes a TWC Audit.

If an employer finds itself in a Tax TWC Audit, knowing what documentation and information to submit to TWC is crucial in properly defending itself. This begins with TWC requesting the Company complete a very significant QUESTIONNAIRE. 

Therefore, how information is presented to the TWC will likely dictate the final outcome of your audit.

As a result, We recommend that you do not take this stressful situation on by yourself.  The lawyers at Thomson Dunkel have almost 20 years’ experience assisting employers through TWC’s Tax Audit maze.  We believe it is imperative that a Company does not solely rely on TWC’s interpretation of the law and/or information provided by an employer.  Therefore, have someone on your side.  Call us at Thomson Dunkel and let us help and guide your Company. But most importantly, rather it’s with Thomson Dunkel or someone else, talk with an attorney before completing TWC’s QUESTIONNAIRE.

Unemployment Benefits

Where you fired without cause and denied unemployment benefits by TWC?

What are your rights?

What determines if you are eligible for Unemployment Benefits? How do you navigate through the administrative process to challenge a TWC’s decision? How do you deal with TWC;s decision that is having a negative impact on you and your family? 

For almost 20 years the attorneys at Thomas Dunkel have assisted Companies in defending against paying Unemployment Benefits.  We have come to know and properly implement employer defenses and arguments. Now the lawyers at Thomas Dunkel want to defend you, the terminated employee, and assist you in the fight against a Company’s legal tactics.  Thomson Dunkel can ensure the proper information is submitted to TWC. This ensures that that TWC at least understands the terminated employee’s position. Your arguments. Your interpretation of Company policies.  Give us a call and let us discuss if your denial of Unemployment Benefits should be challenged.


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