Sexual Harassment

You would think that we as a community have reached a stage in history that sexual harassment is a thing of the past or only occurs occasionally.  But watch the evening news and you realize it is as ramped as it was 10, 20, 30 years ago. Unfortunately workplace sexual harassment still happens. Federal law prohibits sexual harassment.

There is the blatant harassment with coworkers and/or supervisors making sexual advances. 

Discrete Harassment

But then there are the more discrete forms of sexual harassment that carries as much of a negative connotation as in your face harassment. Do you get inappropriate messages at inappropriate hours from a superior. In the digital age – workplace sexual harassment comes in many forms.

Does one particular coworker seem to be immune from workplace policies. But you get reprimanded regardless of the situation. Does one particular coworker seem to always get raises and they happen to be in a relationship with a boss.  But you do the same job and only get a minimal raise or none.  Maybe that special coworker takes time off and does not have to use any of their accrued PTO.  But you must use your vacation time EVERY TIME. 

Are you a victim of Workplace Sexual Harassment?

It is possible you are a victim of sexual harassment and no one has ever made a sexual advance towards you. 

If you find yourself dealing with sexual advances, rude conduct, the butt of sexual jokes or you seem to be getting treated different than someone who is in a private relationship with a supervisor, give Thomson Dunkel a call to discuss the details and ascertain if assistance in your situation is necessary.

Our Attorneys take your life and the injuries you have suffered seriously.

At Thomson Dunkel – we know that if you have suffered a negative employment action because of discrimination, we know how difficult it can be. It can change your life – and the life of your loved ones – your family and your children forever. We are attorneys, but we are people first.

We are only paid – if you recover for your losses. Learn more about our result based fee below.

Here at Thomson Dunkel, we have handled cases similar (if not identical) to some of the scenarios described above.  We invite you to take a minute and share your experience with us. Let us know what you are going through.  Maybe we can assist and help you through a potential rough ordeal. Believe us when we say that the employer will not be alone. They will have well qualified attorneys advising them every step of the way. We used to be those attorneys. We know the advice and strategic moves employers make.  You need the same thing, a skilled and qualified attorney at your side.  Whether it is us at Thomson Dunkel or another attorney, let a skilled attorney lead you. Call Thomson Dunkel and let’s see if we can help.


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