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Vehicle collisions that involve 18-wheelers and Big Rigs can be much more serious and harmful than other vehicle collisions and crashes. A typical passenger car weighs just at 5,000 pounds. A commercial motor vehicle or 18-wheeler can weigh anywhere between 10,000 – 80,000 pounds.

Laws governing 18-wheelers and Big Rigs:

18-wheelers or Big Rigs are subject to stricter laws and regulations that govern how they are allowed to operate and drive on public roadways. Both the federal and state governments created rules that were specifically drafted and enforced with the intent to protect the public.

Therefore, these laws and regulations apply to both the companies that operate commercial vehicles and their drivers. You can find these laws online published through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. In Texas, you can find information through the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Some scenarios or incidents that can result in injury involving 18-wheelers:

  1. Dangerous Driving – texting or being distracted
  2. Driving under the influence of substances.
  3. Driving under an altered states of mind – including fatigued driving
  4. Cargo weight or balance – where the cargo the truck is hauling is potentially too heavy, or off balance
  5. Permitted Loads or Cargo – where a truck may be hauling dangerous cargo that requires special permits
  6. Speeding or other violations of federal or state transportation codes
  7. Failures in truck or tractor/trailer maintenance – like brake failure, tire issues or tire blowouts

The legal framework related to claims involving 18-wheelers or commercial vehicles is complex. The parties often include the drivers, companies or owners, insurance agencies, and different police or reporting agencies. If you have suffered injury or trauma the process can be utterly daunting. Trying to heal and enforce your rights can be tough.

When you have been injured or harmed by an 18-wheeler or commercial vehicle; the only person who is truly on your side; is you.

The truck driver will not advocate for you, the company who hired, employed or commissioned the driver will not advocate for you, and the insurance company who represents the trucking company or the truck driver is not going to advocate for you.

We are only paid – if you recover for your losses. Learn more about our result based fee below.

We will advocate for you.

Our Attorneys take your life and the injuries you have suffered seriously.

At Thomson Dunkel – we know that if you have suffered severe injury or the loss of a loved one due to an 18-wheeler accident – it changes your life and the life of your loved ones, your family and your children forever. We are attorneys, but we are people first.

The attorneys at Thomson Dunkel are familiar with the legal framework of liabilities of truck drivers and trucking companies and insurance companies. We have been the defense attorneys that the insurance adjuster has dispatched to vigorously defend the trucking companies; we know the other side and we stand ready to defend you, to advocate for you, and to go to trial if necessary and vigorously present your case to a jury.

Injuries from 18-Wheeler Collision:

  • Broken and Fractured Bones
  • Neck and Back Injuries
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Nerve Injuries
  • Serious Cuts and Lacerations
  • Skeletal and Musculoskeletal Trauma and Injuries
  • Death

We used to be those attorneys

Here at Thomson Dunkel, we have handled cases similar if not identical to some of the scenarios described above. We invite you to take a minute and share your experience with us. Let us know what you are going through. Maybe we can assist and help you through a potential rough ordeal. Believe us when you say that the trucking company will not be alone. They will have well qualified attorneys advising them every step of the way. We used to be those attorneys. We know the advice and strategic moves trucking companies and their insurance companies and adjusters make. You should have the same thing, a skilled and qualified attorney at your side – working with you at every step of the way. Whether it is at Thomson Dunkel or another attorney, let a skilled attorney guide you through this process. Contact Thomson Dunkel and lets see if we can help.


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