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For almost 20 years the employment help lawyers at Thomson Dunkel have counseled and represented employers regarding Employment Law issues (including wage and hour law). 

Our experience has indicated that above all, most employers do not understand the law and do not implement it properly. This is a recipe for mistakes, even if it is unintentional.  This includes making incorrect decisions regarding employees, employee status, wage and hour, overtime pay, minimum wage, how to prevent a hostile work environment and/or proper handling of a claim of discrimination.

As an employee, it is possible you are being harmed and you (and the employer) do not even realize it.  Maybe you know you are being intentionally harmed and your employer will not take the appropriate steps to handle your situation.  That is why Thomson Dunkel is here, to help you.  If you have any concerns about your employment, please contact Thomson Dunkel so we can advise you and if necessary, take the appropriate steps to ensure that your employer properly compensates you for the harm.

Basis of Discrimination

Discrimination comes in many forms and categories.  Blatant, in your face, discrimination is easy to identify.  But in many situations, it is disguised.  Did your job description change for no reason, did you not receive a raise while others did, did you miss out on a promotion to a less qualified candidate, were you discipline for the same or similar conduct other employees participated in and were not disciplined, were you terminated outside the employer’s disciplinary guidelines, or is there a company policy that is having a negative impact on only one certain class of individuals.  If so, it is possible you are the victim of discrimination under both federal and state law in one of the follow protected classes


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