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The Attorneys at Thomson Dunkel are parents. We are People First – We are Parents. We believe that our job as parents is the greatest of all. If you are here – we understand what you are going through.

We would like to start out by saying, that if you have found your way to this part of our website, we understand what you are going through. There is no greater terror than seeing your child injured or in pain. We are people first, and we mean that. We are parents.

Ashley is the proud mother of 1 child under 3 and Charles is the father of 4 children. We are parents, and we know the feeling you get in your gut when you see your child suffering. In addition, we are the proud aunts and uncles of many nieces and nephews. Above all, the children of our life – are the light of our life.

Children are our future, and they have their entire lives in front of them. There should be nothing that stands in the way of the future success your child is entitled to.

As a result, when your child is injured the result of someone else’s actions, inactions, negligence or malice, it can be incredibly challenging to determine what you should do or what the next steps should be because of the emotional toil associated with seeing your child injured.

We are only paid – if you recover for your losses. Learn more about our result based fee below.

Our children are our pride and joy – we are parents.

They have not lived enough life to be able to identify danger. Therefore, we as a society expect that special precautions will be taken to protect our children from danger.

As a result, When our children are injured, we want to do whatever we can to protect them and to ensure that their lives will be provided for in the future. However, the struggle of dealing with medical or life changes after an injury, the mental strain of the aftermath can make trying to deal with the task of holding the responsible party liable seem like almost an impossibility. We know the debilitating feeling you undergo when you watch others care for your injured child. In other words, we know the hurt, pain and anguish you feel.

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Our Attorneys take your life and the injuries you have suffered seriously.

At Thomson Dunkel – we know that if your child suffered severe injury or worse due to someone else – it changes your life and the life of your loved ones, your family and your children forever. We are attorneys, but we are people first.

Child Injuries can be caused by:

  • Auto Accident
  • Toys
  • Faulty Playground Equipment
  • Unsafe Location or Premises
  • Faulty Infant Equipment
  • Daycare Negligence
  • Neighbor Negligence
  • Attraction to Unsafe Condition
  • Swimming Pool Accidents
  • Hot Tub Accidents
  • Failure of Other to Provide a Safe Environment

Here at Thomson Dunkel, we have handled cases similar if not identical to some of the scenarios described above. We invite you to take a minute and share your experience with us. Let us know what you are going through. Maybe we can assist and help you through a potential rough ordeal. Believe us when you say that whoever caused injury to your child will not be alone. They will have well qualified attorneys advising them every step of the way.

We used to be those attorneys.

We know the advice and strategic moves companies and individuals and their insurance companies and adjusters make. You should have the same thing, a skilled and qualified attorney at your side – working with you at every step of the way. Whether it is at Thomson Dunkel or another attorney, let a skilled attorney guide you through this process. Contact Thomson Dunkel and lets see if we can help.


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