Result Based Fee

Sometimes called a contingent fee; It means that you do not pay for attorney fees – unless the attorneys recover money for your losses. You often see this stated as You Don’t Pay Unless We Win.

You don’t pay any attorney fees until the end of your legal process. After you and your attorney have agreed to settlement or to take your case to trial.

Typical Attorney Fees:

Attorneys are expensive. That is not a secret. A typical lawsuit these days can go on for more than a year and in some cases two-years. If you are injured, and can’t work – how are you supposed to pay your attorney? That is why contingent fees are a good option for some.

On top of it all – the other side is going to have an attorney. Typically a highly qualified attorney. When you go against a company or individual with insurance, they will have lawyers. The insurance company has a duty to defend their insured from legal claims. This is where the “insurance attorney” comes into play. The attorney who is defending the company or individual does not represent the insurance company. But the defense attorney has been qualified by the insurance company. Although they do not work for the insurance company – they are paid by the insurance company. Going against a well heeled insurance company would make it impossible for most hard working Americans to get strong legal counsel.

Reason for Contingent Fee:

For these reasons – many firms, including Thomson Dunkel have implemented a contingent fee or a result based fee compensation structure for some of its clients. We like to call our fee agreement “Result Based” because we only get paid if we get results – results for you!

At Thomson Dunkel – we like to say “we used to be those attorneys” because we represented companies and individuals who had caused or contributed to the injuries of others and we worked with the insurance companies and adjusters. As such, we are very familiar with the process and you can rest easy that we do not care who the opposing side is. If you have been injured – we will stand with you and diligently fight with you for the just compensation you deserve all the way to a trial by jury if necessary.

Therefore, if you have been injured or suffered a loss – give us a call, we may be able to help.

Ask us about our Veteran and First Responder contingent discount!

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Not all of the legal services offered by Thomson Dunkel are available for the result-based fee agreement or contingent fee agreement. Every legal service offered by Thomson Dunkel is subject to review by Thomson Dunkel and the written agreement for legal services is the governing authority as to any attorney client agreement by and between any client of Thomson Dunkel.


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