We are litigation lawyers dedicated to achieving the best result for You – our clients.

Thomson Dunkel handles Injury, Employment, Construction Defect, and Commercial Cases, on both sides of the bar. We stand ready to fight hard for the best outcome.

What we do. We get Results.

When you call us, we know it is because something has gone wrong. For Instance, Car wrecks, illegal terminations, faulty contractors, and contract disputes. Thomson Dunkel works both sides of cases, Plaintiff or Defense we stand ready to fight hard for You to get You what the law entitles You. Above all, when things go wrong, we are here. Thomson Dunkel are litigation lawyers dedicated to achieving the best result for You – our clients.

The legal process is daunting, period. In addition, the only time you typically need the legal process is when you have already suffered a physical or financial loss. Physical injuries from collisions or unsafe property can be devastating. We know that.

Facing a lawsuit as a company or small business can also potentially spell economic ruin for a small or even medium business.

Therefore, when you call us, we listen. Our attorneys and case managers are keenly aware of the struggles you are facing. Whether you retain us or not, we will listen to you. If we cannot help you, we will try to find someone who can.

Why are we Different:

We are the insurance lawyers. We work both sides of cases. Our specialty is not one side or the other, it is the principled application of the law to our client’s needs.

Insurance is a risk shifting tool. As such, if you do something that causes harm to another person – you have insurance so that the person you injured seeks recovery from the carrier and not You! The injured party is taken care of. It is a “liability tool” that protects you from financial hardship the result of your own actions.

Insurance is not always applied or utilized correctly. However, having the right lawyers can help.

Therefore, you may ask – if Thomson Dunkel lawyers are the insurance lawyers – why would I want to hire them?

  • The insurance world – we know it well
  • Adjusters hold the keys to the claim; We are pragmatic with our approach and leverage the knowledge and skill of the adjuster to efficiently work your case
  • The claims process is grueling, our lawyers are comfortable with the process through inception to litigation to trial on the merits
  • We seek creative options to get the best result for You – our clients
  • We have the knowledge and skill to develop your claim or defense aggressively, and to the fullest extent of the law

Results come from Dedication and Perseverance:

Therefore, while there is a process that is applied to each case, including yours, each case has targeted development because Your problem is unique. Each client – will have a different ultimate result. We know the process, and we take the time to know You.

Our experience speaks to what makes us different – we are not afraid of the courtroom and we do not use marketing gimmicks. Our Attorneys work tirelessly to get the best result for our clients – period, plain and simple.

“There are no secrets to success: Don’t waste time looking for them.  Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty to those for whom you work, and persistence.”

Colin Powell

Great results come from hard work, dedication, follow through and good touch of creativity. Those are the tenants of Thomson Dunkel Law PLLC. We work tirelessly to get results for you.

Thomson Dunkel Get Results

We are People First

While we truly love being lawyers, we are people first. We take your life seriously and we seek to understand your situation and what you are facing.

We are a two attorney firm dedicated to assisting our clients. We leverage our past experience to work closely with our clients and collaborate with our clients to bring about a favorable result.

While we may be smaller outfit – we are lean for a reason – our time and effort is dedicated to assisting you – our clients.

Together, we have over 20 years of experience working for insurance carriers and their insureds. Therefore, whether you have been injured and need a qualified attorney to assit you in recovering for your losses or you need principled defense attorneys to defend your interests – the attorneys at Thomson Dunkel stand ready to represent you.

While we may approach the application of the practice of law a little differently than others out there – our goals for each of our client is the same.

We want to see you continue to live life as best you can after the incident.

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Honor Perseverance dedication Creativity Humility compassion respect Diplomacy Preparation Human Approach to the Law

When we say that we are people first; it does not mean that we do not rigorously advocate for our clients. It simply means that we approach every client, and every client situation as unique. In other words, Your situation calls for a tailored legal strategy – that is what we do.

Much like no two people are the same – no two legal issues are the same. We analyze your situation early and continuously and uniquely tailor your legal services. Above all, we mean it when we say you are not just a number or a case file. This goes for our clients who have suffered physical and economic injury – but also to our small businesses, solo practitioners and private clients.


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